Born Out Of Passion

Our story started over 3 decades ago. Like many of you, we were enamored by art and culture. That fascination for art is what inspired us to pick up a paint brush and pursue this beautiful art form.

When we started, learning Tanjore art was reserved for just a few. This was a time when finding gurus, materials and classes were hard to come by. Today, we've made it our mission to be able to teach anyone and everyone who shares the same passion for art as we do! We truly believe there is an artist in all of us and all it takes is the right spark to get you going.

What was born out of a hobby and passion, has grown into a space which creates some of the most exquisite Tanjore art ever seen, and spreads the joy of Tanjore art to hundreds of students.

“Everyone is an artist. It's never too late, or too early to start. The only thing needed, is a passion for the art. I strongly believe this after seeing the joy our students have after completing their painting ”

Vani Bhaskar, Tanjore Collective

Vani Bhaskar

When our guru first picked up her brush, she never imagined, that 35 years later, she would've taught over 2,000 students and created some of the most unique Tanjore paintings seen.

Her work has graced the houses of eminent personalities and has been displayed in some of the largest religious temples of India.

She is calm, thoughtful and diligent in her approach to the art and it shines through in her creations.

Vibha Raj

From the moment you meet her, Vibha Raj's passion and enthusiasm for Tanjore art is unmistakable.

Having learnt Tanjore art from her mother, Vani Bhaskar, Vibha has taken it upon herself to continue and push forward this tradition.

With a smile that lights up any room, she displays great patience and care to all of her art and her students.

Blessed with an exquisite hand, Vibha has been creating some of the finest Tanjore art for the last 8 years

Discover & Learn This Timeless Artform

Learning a new artform should not be intimidating. We understand the trust you place in us to teach, and we don't take that trust lightly. We want to stay true to our mission of helping the world discover Tanjore Art, and that is only possible when students, like yourself, love and enjoy creating your painting.