Memories for a lifetime

We've had the privilege of teaching a number of students over the years. The memories we've been able to create, mean everything to us. See some of the stories we've been able to capture with these incredible people.

“Everyone is an artist. It's never too late, or too early to start. The only thing needed, is a passion for the art. I strongly believe this after seeing the joy our students have after completing their painting ”

Vani Bhaskar, Tanjore Collective

Mrs Manushree

Lord Ganesha

Ganesha is everyone’s favourite God, with his big belly, big ears and good sweet smile he can capture anyone’s heart. Ganesha is the God we pray to before starting anything new. Say it starting a business, building a new home, or learning a skill.

Mrs. Priyanka

Goddess Saraswati

Our student, Mrs Priyanka with her absolutely gorgeous Tanjore Painting of Goddess Saraswati.
Saraswati is the Goddess of learning, she is holding a Veena in two hands, books in one hand and japa mala in the other. She is the epitome of knowledge and understanding our true self.

So happy to see Priyanka learn this and finish it so beautifully.

Kavya Gangadhar

Goddess Saraswati

Thank you so much Vibha for helping me to learn my favorite art form. Vibha is a versatile artist, very talented and friendly with lot of patience & positive attitude. Her traditional teaching techniques are unique and impressive.



Our super talented student, Yashaswini, with her detailed painting of Annapakshi.

Annapakshi is a swan like Mythical creature which is said to have the power to separate milk from water.
It has the power to tell the truth from the lies and the good from bad.


Goddess Rajarajeshwari

This is the second painting Nandita did with us, the first was a Ganesha.

Nandita is a dear friend now and she is such a sweet and kind person. We've had such long conversations about life, children, family and TV shows. Art definitely brings people closer.