Kits Packed With Love

We believe in using the best quality materials to ensure your Tanjore painting lasts for generations. Over the years, our techniques have evolved, and so have the materials we use. Our Essentials Materials Kit have been carefully curated to make sure you have the things you need to create your masterpiece!

“Everyone is an artist. It's never too late, or too early to start. The only thing needed, is a passion for the art. I strongly believe this after seeing the joy our students have after completing their painting ”

Vani Bhaskar, Tanjore Collective

Everything. All In One Place.

Take the stress out of having to source and find materials. We've been using some of the best materials over the last few decades to create stunning Tanjore Art.

We make sure to send you the materials you need and are hard to find - 24K Gold Sheets, Swarowski Crystals, Arabic Gum, Kundan Stones, Sable Brushes, Chalk Powder, Canvas

Canvas Prepared To Perfection.

We go the extra mile, to make sure that we prepare the initial sketch on the canvas for you. We prepare this since, there are no corrections required on the sketch, if you work with us remotely.

During the course, we'll teach you the entire process of putting a canvas on the board for your next painting, as well.

  • Canvas With Sketch

    The deity is sketched and prepared for your kit

  • 24 Karat Gold Sheets

    Purity of the gold is important for its shine

  • Arabic Gum Crystals

    We use this to prepare the jesso and for sticking the gold

  • Chalk powder

    This is the main ingredient used to create the jesso

  • 4 Sable Hair Brushes

    The best brushes are required to achieve finesse

  • Kundan Stones

    Gems are an integral part of your Tanjore Paintings

  • Original Swarowski Crystals

    The glitter a Swarowski crystal can be seen from miles

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  • Quality Materials

    Your painting deserves the best. We make sure you get them

  • Thoughtful Packaging

    We take great care and joy in preparing our kits for you

  • Express Delivery

    We work with the best to send your package, safely and swiftly