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Goddess Lakshmi - DIY Video Course

Goddess Lakshmi - DIY Video Course

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About The Course

This DIY video course has been designed for you to master the art of Tanjore painting. Learn each and every step of a Tanjore painting, with our DIY-video course, at a time and place of your convenience.

Canvas Size- 10" x 12" inches

  • WhatsApp guidance from our Guru
  • 75 day complete course access
  • Watch on desktop or mobile devices
  • Complete the course at your convenience
High Quality Material Kit
Professional Quality Videos
Express Materials Shipping

About The Course

We at Tanjore Collective are delighted to share our passion with you through our latest online video course - A do-it-yourself painting course. You will have complete access to this course for 60 days or 2 months.

This course has been designed for you to master the art of Tanjore painting. So we will cover each and every step of creating a painting.

The course has been created in a way that you get enough practice and are confident to do it on the canvas.

What You'll Learn

We guide you by teaching you how to prepare the canvas and put the sketch onto canvas.

This is followed by preparation of the gum, jesso and its application.

You'll learn how to get the perfect finish and add intricate details for jesso and how to stick the gold onto it.

Then we will move onto painting techniques. We will go through each and everystroke required.

We'll teach you face painting towards the end, as by this time, you'll have great experience with the brush!

Teacher Guidance

We know that learning can be intimidating, but we want you to know that we're here for you every step of the way. Our expert instructor will guide you through each aspect of the process, sharing their knowledge and expertise with warmth and kindness.

Essentials Materials Kit

You can opt to purchase the course along with our Essentials Materials Kit. We believe in using the best quality materials to ensure your Tanjore painting lasts for generations.

Your Essentials Materials Kit Includes

1 - Canvas With Sketch
The deity is sketched and prepared for your kit.
We make this extra effort since the sketch is crucial to your painting, and being online, corrections cannot be made

2 - 24 Karat Gold Sheets
Purity of the gold is important for your painting to retain its shine

3 - Arabic Gum Crystals
We use this to prepare the jesso and for sticking the gold

4 - Chalk powder
We will ship it to you from within US. This is the main ingredient used to create the jesso

5 - 4 Sable Hair Brushes
Whats an artist without their brush?
The best brushes are required to achieve finesse

6 - Kundan Stones
Gems are an integral part of your Tanjore Paintings

7 - Original Swarowski Crystals
The glitter a Swarowski crystal can be seen from miles


The entire material kit will be shipped to you via FedEx.

We are particular about the materials used and believe in creating a Tanjore painting that will last generations.

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  • Video Course Access

    Get access to our high quality course videos, capturing every detail

  • Teacher Support

    Reach out to the teacher with all your questions

  • Essentials Material Kit

    An option, to get our specially made material kit for the course

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About The Course

Course Thumbnail
22 Course Chapters
1 Watch Introduction
2 Preparing The Canvas
3 Sketching On The Canvas
4 Preparing Arabic Gum
5 Preparing Embossing Paste
6 Using The Embossing Paste
7 How-To Stick Kundan Stones
8 Embossing Around Kundan stones
9 Intricate Embossing
10 Correct Excess Embossing Paste
11 Working With Gold Sheets
12 Sticking The Gold
13 Working With Poster Paints
14 Painting The Lotus
15 Painting The Saree
16 Painting & Shading The Body
17 Painting The Face
18 Applying Flat Colors To The Background
19 Painting The Carpet
20 Adding Outlines
21 Sticking Swarowski Crystals & Kundan Stones
22 Next Steps

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of a course is this?

This is a Do-It-Yourself Online video course. You can do the course on your own time, by yourself. You can replay the videos as many times as you would like during the given timeline of the course. Once you purchase the course, you will be provided with your own unique login credentials to access the course. You can login using the link and credentials from any device - phone, tablet, laptop.

Do I have life-time access to this course?

No. You will not have life-time access to this course. You will have access to this course for 60 days after your purchase. This is a timeline of 2 months.

We have done this, for a couple of reasons -

  • This course should typically take a beginner 4-6 weeks
  • We've made sure that you have ample time to complete this course
  • We have faced multiple issues of plagiarism in the past, and it pains us to have our hard work being shared

I am a complete beginner. Can I do this course?

Yes, you can definitely do this course. The majority of our courses have been created keeping beginners in mind. More than that, after having taught for over 35 years and over 3,000 students, we've developed techniques and teaching methodologies which guide complete beginners to create their stunning masterpieces.

I have prior Tanjore painting experience. Will this course be of any use to me?

Yes, it will. We know that every teacher has developed their own technique and the way they teach. We've done this as well and we are extremely proud of our methods. Our students final painting is something which brings us great joy, since we know they've achieved this through their hard work and that our teaching style has helped them on their journey.

Many of our students have done multiple paintings with us. Lots of them are on their fifth or sixth painting over the last year. And all their courses have been part of the same batch.

Will you be providing the material kit?

Yes, absolutely we will :) We have sourced all our materials and made sure they are of the highest quality. We have prepared our material kit with a lot of love and are proud of how it's come out.

You will receive the following as part of our material kit -

  1. Canvas with sketch
  2. Arabic gum
  3. Chalk Powder
  4. 24K Gold sheets
  5. Original Swarowski crystals
  6. Kundan stones
  7. 4 Sable-hair brushes
  8. Fevicryl

You'll have to purchase the poster paints by yourself. They usually cost around Rs. 250.

Can I use my own materials?

Certainly. You can use your own materials. In that case, make sure you have the following for the course -

  1. Plywood board
  2. Canvas paper
  3. Arabic gum
  4. Chalk Powder
  5. 24K Gold sheets
  6. Original Swarowski crystals
  7. Kundan stones
  8. Paint brushes
  9. Poster paints
  10. Fevicryl

Will you tell me where to buy the materials from?

Yes! Once you've joined our course, we will tell you where you can source all the materials you require for your next Tanjore painting. Our goal is for you to fall in love with this art-form, as we have, and continue to create many such masterpieces ❤️

Will I be able to do a Tanjore painting by myself after this course?

Yes! This is absolutely our goal. From our video course, you'll see that we have an extreme focus on techniques. This has been done intentionally, so that you are confident, and can choose to take up any Tanjore painting in the future.

However, remember that you can only become a better artist with practice. And practice takes time. So, with the correct combination of techniques and practice, you will most certainly reach there ❤️

Will I have direct access to you during the course?

Yes, absolutely! We will be available on WhatsApp and call to help you out with your questions. We will respond to you as soon as possible. However, we do not operate on weekends and other government holidays.

What kind of questions can I ask?

You can ask us any questions related to the course. This could be in terms of techniques, materials or application. However, please do remember to go through your modules in detail, as everything you require to complete your course will be there.

We have created this course to be self-serving, so that you are empowered to finish painting by yourself. Having said that, we encourage you to reach out to us if you have questions.

If I am not happy with this course. Will I get a refund?

Unfortunately, no. We have put great thought into creating this course. We've leaned on all our past teachings and methods in developing this course. So, we are completely confident in this being ample to help you finish this painting.

However, if you are not happy for certain reasons, please reach out to us. We will try and do everything possible, to understand and help resolve those reasons to ensure you can complete this course.

My course has expired. Can you extend it?

No, we would not be able to do this. We've ensured that the time you have to complete this course is ample, even with breaks. You will have access to this course for 75 days after your purchase. This is a timeline of 2.5 months.

We have done this, for a couple of reasons -

  • This course should typically take a beginner 4-6 weeks
  • We've made sure that you have ample time to complete this course
  • We have faced multiple issues of plagiarism in the past, and it pains us to have our hard work being shared

“It was my long time dream to learn Tanjore painting. There is a sense of fulfilled, accomplished, and happy feeling when we attend the class.”

Saraswathi Lakshmanan
Goddess Lakshmi Online Class

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